Issues? I don’t have issues…

As I was just a few moments ago standing at the checkout counter of my local, independently-owned pharmacy, paying for my Synthroid prescription, a large bag of Cheetos and a fifth of vodka I noticed that the co-pay on the Synthroid was about 10 times higher than ever before. I’m like, "what the hell?" (this actually came out of my mouth) and the pharmacist explained that it’s because ‘they’ just came out with the generic so ‘they’ raised the co-pay on the name brand- which is cheaper than mud to make. (This is material for another day’s post.) So I started muttering about the damn drug companies, blah, blah, blah and then thought to myself: "Myself, you sound just like Mom." In fact, earlier today I made comments over at Buzz’ place that read a lot like my mother sounds. As I wrote in an earlier post I’ve been trying to cut down on swearing, out of consideration for Rich (who is in St. Louis on business, reading this stuff and blanching) and also to work a little self discipline into my life. Up at the Bud and Jan show every other word is f- this, f-that. Buzz,that was my mother posting comments about Barney.

ARGGHHH! I’m not even there yet and I’m becoming my mother! NAHHHHHHHH!

2 responses to “Issues? I don’t have issues…

  1. Well, your mom is free to come swear at my site anytime! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being passionate, right?

  2. You are cracking me up this week!

    Your inner Vicki is just shining through.

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