This from Roy

Who’s claim to fame is he’s a witty insurrectionist and married to Audrey from BCMA. Who will be bringing her magical poufed up, full of air with crunchy crusty parts and soft mushy parts dark chocolate cake piled high with real whipping cream, barely sugared to Toni and Bob’s going-away poker party blowout here tonight. Why, I do believe that’s a run on and on sentence! The cake is not Audrey’s only claim to fame: she does all that other stuff, raise children, fix the University’s computer messes, etc.- but it is one GOOD reason to keep yet another non-reader in the book club.

Anyway, this from Roy:

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 06:15:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Roy Schmidt <>
Subject: Cardinals Again Fail to Elect New Pope

But the good news is they beat the Brewers 6-5 in ten

3 responses to “This from Roy

  1. Ha. I was told by a non-Catholic friend that I was being disrespectful (she wasn’t serious, but Catholics might agree) when I told her that I had MSNBC’s smoke cam (also known as the pope cam) on my desktop. I’m waiting for them to blow smoke. 🙂

    I told her that I was allowed since I’m a lapsed (or would that be former, since I don’t plan on returning) Catholic.

  2. I think that “lapsed Catholic” thing is just a fancy excuse to do any old blasphemous thing a former Catholic wants… 🙂

  3. Ahhh, but we have a new pope now. Well, not we. I am not Catholic. I am a Catholic wanna be, (recovering Mormon, give me a break), but I cannot convert because alas and alack, I am living in SIN.

    Bernard XVI is 78 years old.

    Say it with me now: “Interim Pope.”

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