Let’s play NAME THAT BUG!

What the hell is this? BottomAnd are there more of them in Florida than just this one I found on the deck at the new/old St. Pete house? Click it so you can see how really BIG it was. We’re talking inches, plural, here. I’m still not convinced I’m going to like Florida all that much, even on a seasonal basis. It’s always seemed like a place with way too much mildew.

Right now I’m going to go look in my field guide and calm down from my security line trauma wherein the TSA numbskull asked me VERY LOUDLY “ma’am, are you wearing an underwire bra?” Then I will come back later and post pictures of my new friend who lives in the front yard, the Coopers Hawk. He’s been doing an imitation of Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Pigeons. Those will be in color. Apropos of nothing except things that are sort of oddly gross but interesting, does anybody but me remember the character in the Kurt Vonnegut book who talked about Blue Mondays and had one really really long, hmm, wild hair? Top


6 responses to “Let’s play NAME THAT BUG!

  1. Probably not a great idea to post pictures of the bugs that live at the same residence you’re trying to rent out…. 😉 I’d stick with pictures of the hawk!

  2. By the looks of the first picture, I’d identify that bug as a dead one. As for the second picture, I’d say he’s the type of bug that has to fend off things wanting to eat him. I’ll find out his name Vic. You can count on me.

  3. Species Alaus oculatus – Eyed Click Beetle

    Told you I’d find it!

  4. Very good job, sp00k! I know- In the first photo he looks dead but he was just irked cuz I flipped him over. Not surprised he belongs to a genus that has EYE in the name. 🙂 Thanks! Now- Amy THINKS it would be a good idea to post pictures of the hawk. hahahahaha!


    Stop posting those!!!!


    Welcome to Carnival of the Cockroaches, Number Two!

    [And how appropriate, since the little fellas love Number Two!]

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