No, Amy, that’s not me in the white suit…

That’s me on the right in the photo of the two gals tangled up in the bed sheet in the previous post (uh-huh). I’m camera phobic. More to the point, don’t you think Rich looks like the world’s most open-hearted, good-natured Charlie Brown-type person in the whole world? He is. I think a Sunday’s child. Loving and giving.Truly. Plus he’s incredibly SMART and he can do statistical calculations for 26 hours without stopping and he’s an expert in his field. And he raised that cute really fat cat, McCloud, all by himself. Along with two lovely daughters.Rich

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get up in the middle of the night some night soon, find the cast iron skillet and whack him in the head until he’s dead. The snoring factor means he can’t live much longer. The worst part is he wants to snuggle while he snores.

Eggtooth, planning his demise. You couldn’t tell from the photo, could you? No one will suspect…Gaptoothakaeggtooth

5 responses to “No, Amy, that’s not me in the white suit…

  1. Wow…you really don’t like snoring do you? 😉

  2. Hahaha! I thought so. You and your sister in the bed sheets, right? So I take it you are eggtoothed. Very cool picture with the boats. I wouldn’t mind being on those boats right about now.

  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

    *runs off to find cure for snoring*

  4. Oh my gosh!

    You are killing me!

    This is hilarious!

  5. I am still freakin’ laughing.

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