It’s not just your father’s Florida anymore!

Image011I didn’t post yesterday because we arrived in the wee hours to our little bungalow in old NE St. Petersburg the night before, discovered a couple of things that were minor set backs (“Did you bring the keys?” “No, you said you would bring them!” and so forth- at 1 AM it it didn’t take long before the atmosphere was blue…and then who KNEW you had to call the gas company and set up service in order to have hot water???? I mean, what, at 50 we’re supposed to know these things?) So we went to bed tired and cranky covered with airplane ack. But when we woke up it was a GREAT day! Perfect weather at 78 and breezy. We went and bought 2 really good Bianchi bikes- mine with these cool, definitely not matronly, basket things and a bell. I’ll post a picture tonight so you can see that this is a COOL bike. And from our place you can get everywhere, easily, by bike. So we biked to the bay, the Pier, the museum, a great pub that suited both our tastes (fish and chips for him, hot curry with basamati rice for me). We chatted with our neightbors including Jordan, a self- proclaimed Libertarian who lives across the street and builds things (the best sort of neighbor, yes?) and discovered that the Cooper’s Hawk I had seen several times last trip is nesting in MY yard. Nah, nah, nah, nah. We’re now biking to the Farmer’s Market and some big downtown St. Pete art/music thing running this weekend on the waterfront. So more pictures later…Regular_visitor

2 responses to “It’s not just your father’s Florida anymore!

  1. If I biked that much my butt would be too soar to sit down the next day. But that sounds so nice just biking everywhere – especially when everywhere is the bay, the Pier, the museum, the PUB – awesome! Sounds like a fairy tale…

  2. Wow, I am so jealous!

    Thanks for posting so
    many pictures of your

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