Fun and Games in St. Petersburg

Gulfgourmet2We went to Saturday morning market and found all sorts of interesting characters (I want to be dancin’ and jivin’ at the market in a white suit when I’m 80…), lots of fresh produce and spicesSpices_1…and then we biked over to the waterfront and went to Mainsail. Got down with good Gospel. Checked out the art ( some of it quite nice. But where would you hang that?). Had fresh squeezed O.J. Biked home. This is a great place. Oh, I was looking at this incredibly beautiful and exotic flower on a trellis in my neighbor’s yard and I think he’s also got a good healthy crop of, hmm, not corn, growing. I got so distracted by that thought I didn’t take a picture of the flower. And the Cooper’s Hawks are SOOO in love right now! As Buzz would say regarding the pictures, click to embiggen.YupjuiceArtfairGospelBikes

4 responses to “Fun and Games in St. Petersburg

  1. Is that you in the white suit with the white hat and the camera?

  2. Dang, girl, you already know how to make the pictures embiggen when you click on them?

    I am still hesitant about that one!

    Great photos!!! It sounds like you are having a great time!

  3. That’s me in 30 years, Amy. That’s Rich by our bikes but I have yet to let a picture of me sneak in…

  4. Great pictures sounds like your found a great place to have fun.

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