Stop that! Stop EATING GLASS!

Sometimes I listen to  Steve Curwood on NPR’s Living On Earth. I can get a dose of science here that keeps my head full of odds and ends of interesting and important trivia to mull over while fighting traffic. Recently, Curwood interviewed Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik, a veterinarian who has done extensive work in the area of "music dogs like."  In the interview she said that many pet owners come to her with troubled or bored dogs and cats and because she can ‘talk to the animals’ she can often help. An excerpt:

OGDEN: Well, you know, I would hear, I would hear things like I’m
hungry, without them actually barking. And I’d look around the room,
you know, when I was young and see that, you know, it was only the dog
and me. Different things like that. Actually, I went through my whole
childhood not letting anybody know that I could do this. I just thought
that I was a weird little kid.

CURWOOD: Now, you were instrumental in making the new CD, "Songs to Make Dogs Happy!" What’s the need for such a CD?

OGDEN: There are a lot of bored dogs in the United States. And,
what happens to these dogs is they almost get frantic when their people
leave for work. And, I heard so many situations where dogs were chewing
on walls, dogs were pulling down curtains, dogs were eating glass…

CURWOOD: Eating glass?

OGDEN: Eating glass. This is very expensive for their owners, you
know, when they eat glass because they need to have operations. So, it
began to dawn in my consciousness that these animals needed some kind
of help. And, when Skip Haynes and Dana Walden from the Laurel Canyon
Animal Company gave me a call to see if I wanted to be an animal
communicator for this CD, I immediately jumped at the chance because I
knew there was such a need for this type of thing.

I bet you’re wondering just what kind of music is on this CD and if it will be a big hit with your puppy. You can hear it HERE.  Just scroll down and click on the MP3 sample song, Adventure Dog.

Me? It makes me want to eat glass…

3 responses to “Stop that! Stop EATING GLASS!

  1. Hahahahaha, I am going to listen to this at home with my dog and see what she thinks!

    You know, I hate to poo-poo that veterinarian’s abilities. It was very responsible of her, after all, to become a veterinarian.

    Most schizophrenics don’t.

  2. We are in complete agreement. Finally, a ‘therapist’ who makes us look like the picture of mental health.

    By the way, we also concur with you about movie popcorn. Bring on the chemical butter.

  3. You mean this music is going to stop my dogs from eating glass?! Oh thank dog. I thought I would have to do something crazy, like give them bones and toys instead.

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