Good Gracious, Can This Be My Luck?

I seem to be doing my Sunday morning worship on the water these days. It was just 3 weeks ago, on March 20, that I was out at Wit’s End and the lake was still frozen and the swans were making out, sitting ON the ice. This weekend it’s a whole new season. We dumped the peddleboat off the end of the partially submerged dock and worked our way back around behind the small island of marsh grass- a passage that will be closed to us as soon as the lake level drops in a couple weeks. Right now it’s running fast over the dam and navigation is easy. The racket of Spring was raucous, to say the least, between the peepers, bull frogs, geese and Sandhill Cranes. My neighbor Patrick was hanging over his dock rail this morning, coffee cup in hand; he commented "someone’s gettin’ some." The cranes make shamelessly outrageous noises. How they sound and how they look as they take flight are two different things entirely and it’s hard to belief that these goofy looking creatures on land are the same graceful and delicate birds in air.  Swan_1The swans have clearly found their nesting spot but she’s not done
laying yet because they were both off the nest to feed together for quite a long
time. Click for feather detail-yum!  Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Good Gracious, Can This Be My Luck?

  1. What a gorgeous picture!

  2. MAN I WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH ALL THAT NATURE ACTIVITY!!! That is paradise for me!! I am jealous you have so much nature around you (remember, I live in South Side Bethlehem. I see pigeons in window boxes, not swans in ponds.)

    Oh man, that swan has so many possibilities… so many pictures, so many. Okay. I’ll stop now.

    Great shot, by the way, great shot.

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