Lost in Translation

With only one day left on my free trial period of Typepad I want to come clean and say that I was hoping blogging would be a good substitute for eBay. Since I am seriously shopping challenged I’ve been known to get lost in late night eBay forays that result in strange purchases. Not the least of which was Priscilla, purchased while in a hypnagogic state at 2AM. Priscilla Imagine my shock when I discovered the next morning that I had to collect her, cash in hand, from the seller within one week.

Anyway, I’m not going on at length about that tonight. Kristen and I are at Wit’s End knitting and chatting and I decided to look and see if I could find anymore of the Koigu Painter’s Palette merino wool on eBay. Somehow I got sidetracked- this ALWAYS happens to me- and I ended up looking at Chinese antiques. Although I would never purchase a carved "king of bird" made from elephant bone  this seller has a very convincing sales pitch, don’t you think?

Dear friend , you can see i am a jackeroo inthe ebay, our family
collect the multifarious antiques in China for hundred years ,
i have a big storeroom full with multifarious antiques which
are all my love and now i’d like to share which with every one who
in word and deed like the Chinese antiques .my hanker is to share
our experience .so you can see i line out all the price ,and you
can make out the total price by yourself  all transparent ! no
fraudulence ! all sincerely !When you got my items if you like that
please your repeat business and your positive feedback.If you
have any problem with your purchase,please let me know
immediately and give me a chance to resolve it to your satisfaction.
Offer the best item is mybiggest hanker  please enjoy bidding !!! thank you!!!

From there Kristen and I got onto Chinese Wedding dresses and found one titled:

WHITE Chinese Juicy Supreme WEDDING DRESS, size 42

If I wasn’t already married I would have considered this one, especially since it was Juicy Supreme and started at 24.99 and because, frankly, it sounded as though it would hold up with time:

"A young woman wears Qi Pao that emphasizes her bodily charm and ostentatious movement to radiate beauty with finesse.
A middle-aged women wears a Qi Pao that express her enhanced shapely body with maturity and grace.
An elderly women wears a Qi Pao that emanates her cumulative wit and wisdom with regality, stateliness and amiability."

A complete non-sequitor: I thought Camilla Parker Bowles looked quite lovely in that hat today. As soon as I saw the picture I said to myself, "why, that emanates her cumulative wit and wisdom with regality as befits a maybe, someday  Queen."

Jen, there’s work to be done!

One response to “Lost in Translation

  1. I tried to post last night, but Typepad was doing “maintenance” and wouldn’t let me post!!!

    Send me your templates plural (your CSS style sheet and the Main Index) and some ideas for what you’d like!

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