Rats! Another competition we completely missed!

Probably because it was across the ocean but darned if it didn’t completely escape me that Britain’s Pet Slimmer of the Year contest was ending before we even had a chance to enter McCloud. The winner was Mischief, a "massive moggy" (how Brit) who lost, hmmm, I don’t know, a certain number of kg., almost a stone. Anyway, it was 38% of his weight which had to have been 5.32# since he now weighs 6.3 kg which is 14#. That means he started OUT weighing less than McCloud and McCloud is not really fat. You’ve seen him- wouldn’t you say muscular? Solidly built? Playing_with_your_toy So I can relate to Mischief’s owner, a Ms. Harding, who said she didn’t even notice he was fat until the vet pointed it out.

The winner’s were each given a year’s supply of cat food. Which leads me to believe that there may be a contest out there rewarding those of us who have cut down from 1 drink a day to 3 drinks a week with a prize of several cases of gin.

I’m starting to think, after almost a month, that people who blog and read blogs begin to develop lapses in other important areas of their lives- for instance, they may stop reading legitimate news, speaking to their housemates, doing their taxes or even earning a living.

The good news about this little blurb is that it encouraged me to do a small mathematical calculation and that IS good because, after 30+ years, I’m studying to take the GREs again. My scores were good enough for Univ. of Michigan grad school back then but when I opened the math workbook a couple weeks ago it was, quite literally, Greek to me. My daughter (that would be the alien genius in this family) has offered to be my math coach when she’s not working at Steak n’ Shake, having failed to complete any college applications in time. What a bunch of underachievers around here.

Right now, right this minute, I’m going to go 1) remove McCloud’s food dish from the floor, 2) finish the taxes, 3) work on my This I Believe essay for NPRs essay contest and 4) spend 1 hour studying algebra.

Ciao for now.

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