Teeing off with a handicap of, hmmm…

I have nothing to add to this story… except she does look like she could take home the swimsuit competition.

Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin loses crown after standing
APPLETON, WI  Pageant officials have stripped the crown from Ms.
Wheelchair Wisconsin because she can stand up.

Janeal Lee was disqualified
after she was shown standing up with her high school math students. She says she
has been made to feel like she’s "not disabled enough" to represent disabled
people in Wisconsin.

But pageant officials are standing by their ruling that in public, the winner
must mostly be seen in a wheelchair or a scooter. Otherwise, says an official
with Ms. Wheelchair America, you risk offending women who can’t stand or walk.

2 responses to “Teeing off with a handicap of, hmmm…

  1. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. They are penalizing that poor woman for being able to stand, when that should be GOOD news.

  2. Saw it on somebody else’s blog… wasn’t it an April Fools joke?

    Thanks for the link!!

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