Let’s Get This Straight

sp00kalot  has been saying nice things about my cats and I really appreciate that because I love them both and I don’t even particularly discriminate against one just because he is my stepcat as opposed to my real cat (joking, joking. I feel the hackles going up on all you out there with blended families who we all know blend, on a good day, about as well as cod liver oil in orange juice. Which only makes sense if you figure that only two people in the lot fell in love and everyone else just had to tag along, like it or not. We are exceptionally lucky around here that everyone really LIKES each other.)

Anyway, I would like to clarify the differences between these two cats and stress again that we don’t  play favorites.

Sophie is beautiful, silver, graceful, svelte, acrobatic, athletic, alternately haughty and friendly, quiet, smart and clever, proud and very much a feline. Sophie

McCloud is handsome, enormous (22#), klutzy, slathers like a dog for attention and food, not especially tidy, sheds, startles easily and hallucinates.  He is sedentary and has no pride and little dignity. He eats and then throws up the mice that Sophie catches and leaves for us as pristine gifts. He is chatty and lets me try handknit baby clothes on him.   Mccloud_1


5 responses to “Let’s Get This Straight

  1. sounds like equal treatment to me

  2. Both are adorable – though obviously from different families.

  3. Ok, I thought my 18 pound cat was big. Sheesh. But cute 🙂

  4. Ruth P. Freedman

    This morning on my way to work I heard a blurb on NPR about a potential law in Wisconsin which would make it legal to hunt cats. The reason behind this is to protect the birds. As a cat lover (Sophie and McCloud) and avid birder, what do you think about this proposal?
    As a great lover of cats, and one who is admittedly lulke warm about birds, I am angry and frightened@
    Please help

  5. Ruth- thanks for commenting! As you can see I looked into it. McCloud and Sophie don’t do birds. McCloud is too fat to move fast or get off the ground; Sophie prefers rodents. On the two occasions she has nailed outside birds I take it in stride and assume it’s Mother nature at work. I always like to reference The Heaven of Animals by James Dickey…great poem, check it out if you don’t know it. 🙂

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