Ready, Set, Go

I’ve appealed to the women of Book Club, My Ass to help me out. b4b.jpgBlogging for Books is about to start and April’s topic is to write about the
cruelest thing you’ve ever done to someone else or yourself. This is
very subjective and could range from the self-abuse I engage in when I
sit in the closet and eat Tastefully Simple Fudge Mix out of the box to
ruining my daughter’s life by living vicariously through her. I suspect
the cruelest thing I ever did was lost on the person who was the
target. Anyway, I don’t want to get into actually writing my entry yet-
I just want all the ladies of the club to send me, via private e-mail
please, their very best ideas, memories and thoughts so I can mull this over.
Patti thinks this is too serious a topic to be serious about and suggests the pet contest story. That has possibilities.

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