Brilliant, Just Brilliant (Baby Hat)

While  Jen  is getting these amazing astrological attributes, here are mine for today:

Today’s Scorpio Horoscope
October 23 – November 21
You’re ready to focus on more practical things now — like your home. Of course, that can mean one of several things. And this under romance: Romance
be an easier day for all concerned if you can keep a lid on that justly
famous temper. No matter how irritated you might feel, the problem will
be better solved through communication, not screeching.

And Joe, over at his knitting blog, is also in his sign (Happy Birthday, Joe!) but concerned some will think less of him for buying Family Circle Guide to Knitting magazine. Around here I subscribe to "Knitting for the Klutzy and Thick" but I’m quite happy with this hat I just finished for Juanita’s impending baby. I used Koigu Painter’s Palette Merino because I believe the colors you put on your baby’s head have as much to do with their personality development as anything else (this from a child therapist) and this was a snap to do with half a skein- about 80 yards- with enough left for booties.Cloudy_with_hat_2

I like to use McCloud  to check for fit; at 22# but slightly small of brain his head is just about average new baby size, minus the ears. Sophie was laughing her butt off while I took this picture.Baby_hat

2 responses to “Brilliant, Just Brilliant (Baby Hat)

  1. Sophie looks amazing in those colors! I think you should make another hat for the baby and let her keep that one. Seems to fit her too, so now we know babies heads are the same size as cats. She’s so thrilled wearing it too; maybe some matching mittens would be a nice socking stuffer next year.

    I have a nice picture of Jack & Ozzy as Easter bunnies, and had a great photo shoot at Christmas time to create our Ozzy Claws and Santa Q holiday cards. Unfortunately, all my hard work of getting them organized in, and the site seems to be down tonight so no one can seem them. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Yeah! is back on track!

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