Life Support

SquirrelpumpkinRich: You know there are a hundred squirrels out there eating the birdseed.
Me: Ya, I know.
Rich: One has two weird white humps on his back.
Me: Ya, I know.
Rich: What’s wrong with it?
Me: It has something wrong with it.
Rich: Should we kill it?
Me: No.
Rich: Why?
Me: Let Nature take Her course.
Rich: Oh. We should just let it suffer forever?
Me: It won’t be forever.
Rich: Should we put in a feeding tube?
(Obviously, this is not the squirrel in question. This guy is cleaning up from last Halloween. Thanks.)

2 responses to “Life Support

  1. Hi Vicki!


    Thanks for such an awesome description of my blog!

  2. Thanks for the comments about my new look Vicki! I’m having a hard time with seeing it correctly, I think it may be the browser I’m using, not sure. It’s all falling to the
    left and you cant read the posts because there like 2 inches wide.

    Sophie is going to get a cramp in her neck if she doesn’t give up soon!

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