Real Estate Madness- Apparently, I’m not alone…

So, ya, I keep track of some of the quirkier things rather than mainstream stuff. While the rest of the world awaits the autopsy results on poor Terri (may she have a better go of it next time around and I hope, right after the two funerals, she gets to go directly to the dining hall in Heaven) I await the next U.S. Treasury Dept. Seized Property Auction. You can never tell when some drug dealer is going to get busted and his 48 foot yacht will be on the block. Actually, I think there must be a lot of folks out there who are exercising bad fiscal judgment.In this month’s listing of auctions there is a nasty little piece of fenced dirt in Brooklyn right next to a listing for another auction- guess what? A Trump World Tower Condo! So what I want to know is how can somebody get rich enough in the first place to buy one of those and then not have enough smarts, pull, conniving tax lawyers or rich friends to help bail them out?  Hmm, how some of the mighty have fallen.

You might also be surprised to learn that your government is auctioning off 2940 cartons (10 packs to the carton) of Tucson Brand cigarettes along with The World’s History , a series of books that fills 12 containers. It’s the 2nd edition; they don’t say which prolific author wrote it but undoubtedly, if you won both auctions you would have enough cigarettes to work your way through every volume. They also have 4 cartons of Bumbo brand Baby Swings. (Really, not kidding. Check the link.) Personally I wouldn’t put my baby in a Bumbo Baby Swing no matter how colicky she was. That auction is on April 14th in Edison, N.J.- e-mail me if you want the specifics.

I keep waiting for them to auction off a large lot of spoolie hair curlers because I have an invention idea in mind and I’m also hoping for the old television series, Queen For a Day, on DVD. I’m not clear on what type of person will have to become hopelessly insolvent and in debt to Uncle Sam for these items to come up but I keep checking.

2 responses to “Real Estate Madness- Apparently, I’m not alone…

  1. Obviously, things are not going well in TX. And ya gotta wonder about the rest of the property being sold in Surfside, TX if that’s the view they chose to highlight. Vacant land indeed. Makes you appreciate Michigan in all of its snowy, rainy, humid, but green (most of the time), glory.

    And now that I’ve had my end-of-day Outside In fix, I’m going home.

  2. Is that the government’s sneaky new reverse pyschology way of getting people to ‘stop’ smoking cigarettes?

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