Something Nice

These two links from Kristen who apparently was so desperate to get out of the Florida Home Make Over and back to the comfort of home, Lola, friends and knitting that she had them in e-mail to me before I was in the door. They come by way of her friend Quentin (hi, Quentin) and I’m really happy to have a useful little video library of Continental (aka, much easier on your rotator cuff) stitches.
Knitting and Purling , made quicker and easier will help you, Judy. The other site looks promising in terms of solving the problem of needing a large selection of airplane safe needles  in a portable and affordable package. Thanks, Quentin!

5 responses to “Something Nice

  1. For the record… On our flight home Vicki told me that when her kids were little she would tuck them in at night and ask them – ‘What was the worst part of your day?’ and ‘What was the best part of your day?’ Then she asked me ‘What was the best part of this week for you Kristen?’ “Spending time with you Vicki” I replied. ‘And that’s the truth… raspberries to all who may think differently’ :)~
    We turned an empty shell of a cute bungalow into a warm, welcoming home which Vicki and Rich will be able to enjoy in just a few short weeks when the difficult & painful parts of this past week have diminished and are replaced with the daily tasks of life between now and their departure for five days of joy in each others company.
    And the beat goes on…

  2. I love it when you say such nice things- twice even 🙂
    It was a fine week of great effort and a good one to observe mother/daughter/boyfriend dynamics as well. And Tequila/Tortilla/Tostada/whatever Flats had good cheap food! Thanks, dear friend.

  3. Quintin Quackenbush

    I’m glad you may find the sites helpful.

  4. Welcome back. Sounds as if you had a very interesting time of it. What you have done to the house is lovely, lovely. This is one of your great talents: the transformation of ordinary, everyday spaces (indoors and out) into beautiful retreats. Did Abbikins and Nick stay in Fla?

  5. It also help me sometimes. also big effort.

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