New Life

When Rich and I were married Linda and David gave us the gift of a tree from the American Forests Tree Nursery. We picked out a Tidal Basin Cherry after we completed the addition last year and I mailed off the gift certificate. I was half surprised and half dismayed when what appeared was a tiny  (apparently) lifeless stick in a large mailing tube. I called and the helpful tree lady said that yes, they knew the Cherry Trees were small starts but go ahead and plant it and see what develops; if it wasn’t alive in the Spring I could phone in for a replacement. I have really been wanting this tiny tree to make it. I didn’t want to give up on it. This tree has come to have some real significance in my life both because it came to us as a special gift that honored our life together and also because of events since it was given. Starting last Fall my hopes for this tree became a focus of my attention and concern in the garden.

When I left for Florida eight days ago everything here in Michigan was still blanketed with snow and this tiny sapling was pinned under the weight. It was that icy, partially melted snow and I didn’t want to risk digging around for the tree, and so really, I wasn’t certain it was still under there. This morning, with the snow gone, the first thing I did was go look for the tree. Here it is and I count seven new buds.                                                                        

Tomorrow we go to Washington, D.C., to Arlington National Cemetery where Rich’s father will be interred with full military honors after a lifetime of service. That’s Rich’s story so I won’t tell it. I heard on the news today that the Tidal Basin Cherry Trees are still two weeks away from blooming but I’m thinking I’ll see lots of buds on the trees.


One response to “New Life

  1. Your tree is beautiful and so will your life be.

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