While you were sleeping

The early bird catches cooties. I went to the weekly Kiwanis sale this morning; I was there early enough that I had to wait out in the cold with all the foreign students from married housing, the homeless and antique store owners. These are the people that are in line early, before the door opens. About 2 hours later there’s a second crowd of teens and young adults who buy their entire wardrobes at Kiwanis. I didn’t know about Kiwanis until Dan was in music school; one of the requirements is that you have a tuxedo so you can perform at Hill and thereby earn your scholarship. Dan, his first couple of years, didn’t really keep track of his clothing (now it’s mostly in his car, close at hand) and the third time he needed a new tux I said he was on his own and that’s when he discovered "disposable tuxedos." They could be had for 2.00 at Kiwanis and then it was all right to just strip it off, get back in his jeans and just leave it back stage. Around that time he started buying MOST of his clothing, including knit stocking hats, at Kiwanis. And wear them without washing them first. Yeech, blech, yuk, gak. Now Abby does it, too. And she sometimes takes a step further and goes to the vintage clothing store and resells some threadbare .10 t-shirt for 5 bucks and then they sell it for 10 bucks. So I started quickly knitting hats and at least they don’t buy those there anymore.

While you were still asleep this is what I got for 14.75. Except the shoes, I had those. I’ve been going the past month to pick up things to furnish the Florida house kitchen but since next week is Easter and I’m going to be there while Rich stays here with the kitties I got this Easter stuff so I can leave a nice basket for him and Melissa and Sophie and McCloud. My good luck: some nice Samaritan donated about 400 new stuffed toys to Kiwanis this past week to boost their cause.

Kiwanis_2(Click on this one to fully appreciate the bargains)

I love the volunteer folks who work there- retired teachers and firemen and a lot of senior citizens. They have a regular announcer who tells you where the blue light specials are: "Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen! From now until 9:30 everything in linens is 50% off so don’t knock each other over but get there quick for good selection." No, thank you, on the well-worn polyester blankets with pills. This guy always refers to the Kiwanis building as "the last remaining department store downtown and it all goes to charity!"

So I found a lovely selection of bunnies and hand painted eggs and a wooden stacking bunny family. All priced between .25 and .75. All with stickers that require goo-gone. All stuff I need like a wart on my nose. Any bunny want a bunny? A few nice items for the Florida kitchen, especially the little glass syrup thing with the stainless steel top. And this extra fine wind-up whirly toy that makes a tinny musical sound, spins around and has little chickens that dance around in the top (with a panda on it, the Japanese equivalent of the Easter bunny?).


And I got that for Sophie. And because I can never keep a secret and she’s not into Lent I let her have it early. She’s not real thrilled with it and when I wind it up she’s downright alarmed. Ah well, I’ll give it to Abby. She’ll laugh.


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