Sophie’s favorite blog

PsychoKitty  is Sophie’s favorite blog. Lola, Bart (especially Bart) and Clover will like it too but today it’s a sad post (see "Tigey"). Ruth and Kristen and Patti and Bruce- check it out.

4 responses to “Sophie’s favorite blog

  1. Hi Vicki, I just tried to send you the site for the booties. Something weird happened and I’m not sure if you got it or not. Let me know. I googled “Ugg baby booties” and found it under there. Good luck, Jane

  2. Thanks, Jane. Got it! One of my favorite people is having a baby and these look perfect.

  3. I saw you sitting there with the computer and I was anticipating this great final post before bed – kind of what coffee is in the morning – so I am about now to sleep, but… no post!

  4. Bapathon

    The cats are in the office alternately sort of looking disinterested and bathing while invading each other’s space. I am distracted because of the fronting and getting bored because they are promising a good old fashioned bapathon but not delivering.

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