DAMN IT! And while it’s one of my goals to avoid confusing obscenities with clever repartee in this blog and keep swearing to a minimum, DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT. DUMB FUCKS!
Are you ready?

49 NAY, 51 YEA    As in YEA, now we can destroy one of the last pristine places on Earth, certainly in our hemisphere and DRILL THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

Okay, I’m done with the vulgarity and I would humbly like to remind you that Genesis 1:26-31 charges us as Stewards of the this earth and refer you to Caring For Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice

Two weeks ago I was wandering through Corcavado National Park in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica- a country with no military budget and where they are preserving a full 35% of their land just as it was gifted to them, in all it’s glory. Our guide Tony, with very little English, displayed a reverence and respect for the rain forest and shoreline around him that was infectious. I felt this same gratitude for the natural world when Abby and I kayaked the Inside Passage in Alaska and we spent 3 hours one misty  morning with a guide, sitting in absolute silence, as we watched Humpback whales breach and dive.

I’m SO disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s vote I can’t really
say any more except thank you to everyone who did sign the petition. I
know full well I’m preaching to the choir here.


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