From Senator John Kerry: 
"We have only 24 to 48 hours to try and save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Republicans are trying to sneak legislation through the Senate
approving oil drilling and they are incredibly close to winning. We
have to stop them.

I am joining with Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) in
offering a critical amendment to stop this sneak attack on our
environment. We will fight on the floor of the Senate, but we need you
by our side.

There are seven key Republican Senators whose votes will
decide the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Before they
vote, we need to make sure they know that their constituents are
watching, and that they will not be able to support drilling without
anybody noticing. "

Okay- here’s the deal:

*    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s 19 million acres comprise
one of the last places on earth where an intact expanse of arctic and
sub arctic lands remains protected.
*    Drilling in the Arctic Refuge can’t make even a small dent in
meeting America’s energy needs. U.S. Geological Survey scientists
estimate that there is very likely only enough oil to supply America’s
needs for six months. And oil companies admit that, even that, won’t be
available for at least 10 years.
*    An irreplaceable natural treasure, the Arctic Refuge is home to
caribou, polar bears, grizzly bears, wolves, golden eagles, snow geese
and more. Millions of other birds use the Arctic Refuge to nest and as a
critical staging area on their migratory journeys.
*    Of course, the Arctic Refuge supports more than wildlife. For a
thousand generations, the Gwich’in people of Northeast Alaska and
Northwest Canada have depended on it and lived in harmony with it. To
them, the Arctic Coastal Plain is sacred ground.

Here are the Republican Senators that could benefit from a little democratic whoop-ass in the form of your opinion: Senator Coleman (MN), Senator
Smith (OR), Senator Specter (PA), Senator Martinez (FL), Senator Lugar
(IN), and Senators Gregg and Sununu (NH).

Be nice but be persuasive. Write a letter or just sign the petition: Anti-Drilling Citizens RollCall

The Bush Administration and its oil industry allies want to send a
message that they can drill for oil wherever and whenever they want to –
even if it means targeting a place as striking, pristine and
irreplaceable as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

They don’t care about putting America on a genuine path to energy
independence. If they did, they’d support efforts to increase energy
conservation and to create clean, renewable sources of energy that no
terrorist can sabotage and no foreign government can seize.

Let me be very direct with you. It is going to take an immediate and
impossible-to-ignore display of grassroots support to stop them. That’s
why your decision to sign our Cantwell-Kerry Amendment Citizens’ Roll
Call is so crucial.

Thank you for acting quickly on this vital request.

John Kerry                    SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!


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