When you should be working: Bird Watching in your cube

Falcon_camI do a lot of this. There is the aviary in the sunroom full of finches, there are the cranes at Wit’s End, there are the Carolina Wrens in the houses scattered around the yard. At this time of year there’s still not a lot to see outside- just a few hints of things to come. Yesterday I saw a huge Mourning Dove wonkin’ away on top of some hapless female out on the deck and by the activity around the feeders and the size of the robins I know the avian world is gearing up. During March and April I like to tune in to a couple of bird cams online and see what develops. My favorite was the owl cam homepage with June and Ward and 4 years of offspring (starting, of course, with Wally and the Beaver) but last year a fisher nailed the three nestlings and the nest has been abandoned ever since. Kodak has a cam on top of their Tower in Rochester and that’s fun to follow :  http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=2017&pq-locale=en_US
Somedays I just leave it running on the desktop and Sophie likes it better than Jerry Springer. Northeast Utilities out in Massachusetts also runs a good site for watching Bald Eagles: http://www.nu.com/eagles/default.asp 
Last year we had orphaned ducklings that grew from fluffy ping-pong balls to garden-consuming poop machines; they were very cute and Rich wants to "do ducks" again- but then he wasn’t slogging the crap out of the dog crate every morning was he? They weren’t his Mr. Lincoln  buds nipped off at every turn…

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