Life in Death Valley

Well, this has been a crappy winter with too much illness, dying and death and I don’t care how many times you count your blessings it’s still been grim. David died, Susie’s been getting radiation, the other Susie’s liver is going south, Rodger has a bad patch of skin, Donna’s legs gave out, Mary’s had a severe stroke. Everyone in BCMA and Poker has parents in the gray zone. There’s also been a helluva lot of weather, mostly bad- snow, rain, hurricanes. Maybe you think not more than usual;  it’s just that time of year when it feels as though it’s been more than usual. Not so. It’s been way more than usual.

Death Valley is the hottest, driest, lowest place in the Northern Hemisphere. The average summer temperature is well over 100 degrees and the average rain fall is less than 2 inches. It’s one hot, dead place. So it might interest you to know that California Highway 109 between Furnace Creek and Death Valley Junction is closed because the road has been washed out by flooding the likes of which they haven’t seen since they started keeping records. And along that washed out stretch a zillion flower seeds have been sitting dormant for more than 25 years. And now there are many many acres of desert that, although you can’t get to them easily because the road is washed out, look like this:Weakstem_mariposa

Isn’t that cool?

(Click it for larger image)

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