Real Estate Madness

When I experience that mood state that I call “anxious boredom” I sometimes buy real estate. I’m not brave or flush enough to buy condos in development that will appreciate 30% by the time they’re completed; I end up with things like a mint condition 1968 vintage Airstream purchased in a Buy It Now auction on eBay at 2:30 AM. Then as an after thought I have to figure out how to pick it up within a week from the seller in Colorado. That purchase has actually worked out quite nicely: we named her Priscilla and parked her next to the cottage on Cedar Lake for overflow guests. (The Cedar Lake cottage, aka Wit’s End, was an investment made solely under the influence of hormones. I was in a peri-menopausal funk convinced that my 15 years as a single mother was going to progress into an end-of-life scenario with me in a nursing home, alone, children long gone and only an occasional aide to admire my Blue Jay feather tatoo. It’s a lovely quiet retreat and now that Rich is in my life he views it as a marital asset but I still consider it my midlife clubhouse.) Anyway, I digress, and what I started to write about is this new little house we bought in old historic St. Petersburg. Rich had gone off to a business meeting and left me in a dumpy St. Pete Beach Best Western and so I went looking for real estate. So now we sit here in Michigan (I just shoveled 3 inches of new snow this morning- it’s March 12, for God’s sake!) and I better do something about that house in Florida we own as of two weeks ago. Next week I’ll go down and find some furnishings for it and take some pictures and then we’ll see what happens. I can’t even remember what it looks like but I know it’s not pink and there aren’t any flamingos poking out of the yard.

I have to go see if Mine-Mine and Zing have hatched anymore eggs today. Mine-Mine is a good daddy and he packs the nest so full of string, fluff and flotsam that I can barely discern what’s in there. I sort of hope not because Zebra finches are worse than mice when it comes to reproducing themselves. One more baby bird would be plenty and it would be nice if it’s a he as they keep hatching females and everything is out of balance in the aviary.

Does anyone know if TypePad has a spell check thing? I need that…

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