Blended family

This is my stepcat, McCloud, hiding in a box. He weighs 22# (this is really true) and he’s a real wimp of a cat. Sophie, at 8#, set him straight 5 minutes after he was plunked down in the living room for the first time. Which was good because that was going to be a deal breaker on blending families. The only thing is, now she has to eat all of her food on top of high furniture because he has such eating issues that he consumes all available kibble and he’s on a special fat cat diet. Sophie is smart enough to know that his food is equivalent to melba toast so she won’t touch it. He can’t get off the ground any higher than the bed so he can’t get to hers. Once we put one dish of her food on the top shelf of my desk she made it clear that she also expected a dish on top of the kitchen cupboard and another on Rich’s top bookshelf. Then she wanted water dishes out of McCloud’s reach so there are several of those scattered around, too. McCloud spends a lot of time wandering around, sniffing skyward. Mccloud

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