I just spoke with Patti and said I’d been sloggin away on bloggin all day and between the still-winter weather and trying to figure out how to design a weblog with no know-how (ya, ya, there’s a user manual button around here somewhere) I am getting bovinely bogged down. She is too but that’s because everytime she makes a phone call to a relative they have some serious disease. She and Rodger and Rich and I are going to the Oslo Philharmonic tonight at Hill and we’re hoping for something not too heavy. Neither of us can remember the program because we’re women of that certain age. Anyway, Patti suggested we might, just maybe, want to read a book for BCMA and for a change- remember, ladies, that it did start out as Book Club before the My Ass got tagged on. Incidentally, I was driving back from Wit’s End yesterday and noted that St. Mary’s was having Stations of the Cross Fish Fry- that was either one or two events but it was all yesterday and we missed it. Rats. Also, Cedar Lake was overflowing at the dam but most of the rest of it was still frozen and the bubbas still have their Christmas lights up. Patrick’s Christmas tree is still frozen out in the lake but around the corner the water by the marsh grass is moving and the Sandhill Cranes were beginning to whoop it up. Things should break up shortly.

That being said, we should read a book and then get together at Wit’s End and discuss it over a potluck and bonfire. Patti suggested My Sister’s Keeper. Joan just read the biography of Rachel Carson and said it was well worth it. I read The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman while I was in Costa Rica and it was about witches and mothers and daughters, an obvious combo. I left it there so I could haul home more coffee from the duty-free but it’s out in paper. Any other ideas? I’m going to figure out how we can make a webpage list of books with some kind of direct order link from Amazon so that will be cool.

Other BCMA news of note: Toni is, even as I write, closing on a new house in Napa, Calif. Let’s rent Sideways when it’s out on video and then hold the November meeting there this year. Susie is up and out and still smiling after a long winter of radiation. Linda says she enjoyed Costa Rica and Abby and I were certainly happy she pushed herself to come along. And Ruth’s baby is getting married!

As soon as Audrey’s other half lets me know how to do links, comments, etc. I’ll pass that on to you all and then you can post away. Susie, I’m counting on you. Are you going to the writer’s conference this year?Winterlake

2 responses to “BCMA

  1. So, tell us all about Costa Rica. We, who vicariously travel with you, want details. Miss you. Roberta

  2. I’m thoroughly enjoying the “Jane Austen Book Club” and expect to be finished with it when I return from the ElderTour next week. If anyone would like to borrow it, let me know. It makes me want to dust off my copy of “Pride and Prejudice”.

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