Egg Tooth

Like all things, everything, this web site is a “work in progress”. Today I was reading a list of self-diagnostic criteria for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and #29 was “Are you constitutionally incapable of reading the directions first?” I like to put a positive spin on that: Learn By Doing. The list has 100 items; #77 is “Do you hunger after myths and other organizing stories?” I find this an oddly written question. I’m not sure about that one but the other 99 apply to both my children.

Here are three notable works in progress around here at the moment:

1- Mine-Mine and Zing are sitting on three eggs and one hatchling zebra finch.
2- The new Florida house, aka 130 16th Ave. N, is empty and waiting for some furniture and human essence.
3- Jill is in the basement practicing Elgar’s Cello Concerto for her performance March 18 with the Royal Oak Symphony. Jill and Dan have, as far as I can tell, been back together for at least 7 weeks and I’m glad about that. They are definitely a work in progress.

This first day TypePad is proving difficult to navigate. I’m trying to figure out how to put a cast of characters on the page.

2 responses to “Egg Tooth

  1. Very nice! Love the colors and, as always, the writer and the writing. Or is it now blogging??

  2. Hi,

    I see you collect vintage world globes. Do you have any for sale/trade?

    Please contact me at:

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